Thursday, 5 May 2016

In Conversation With Dave Lordon

Cork poet, Dave Lordan, arrived in the Burren last week with an unexpected appraisal of the future of the poetry – in short, it doesn’t have one. Lordan, who has just been appointed as Doolin’s first ever Writer-in-Resident, believes that poetry, the like that is thought in school at least, has long ago lost any real resonance and must be replaced with something altogether new. The poet is dead, long live the… In conversation with Andy Hamilton.

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AH: As a poet, does spending time in a place like the Burren tend to inspire you to be creative?  
Dave: I’ve written three books of poetry and they’ve all done very well. I was the first guy to win all three of Ireland’s national prizes for young poets, I’d be quite popular at festivals and things like that. But I’ve had enough of poetry to be honest with you. I’ve done it for ten years, I’ve three books out, the world doesn’t need any more straight forward sorts of poems. So I’m moving into other forms now at the moment. I’m interested in teaching, in multi-media than I am in other forms of poetry. So inspired, I am absolutely, I’m using my new tablet to make little film, little postcards and that sort of thing. So I am engaging creatively in the local area, but not necessarily in what we think of as poetry. I see poetry as making meaning out of symbols, it doesn’t have to be words even, in can be pictures, it can be anything.

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