Georgina is the debut novel from west of Ireland writer, Andy Hamilton. The bizarre discovery of three dogs, hanging from a tree in the middle of the Glencrowe Housing Estate sends young journalist, Georgina Carroll, on a journey into a dangerous and unknown world. She must fight for her job and for her sanity, facing dangers in the present and in the deepest recesses of her mind.
Taking place over three weeks in November, the novel tracks the people of Cailtemore as they move from quiet desperation to angry and dangerous revolt.
The novel explores many of the themes that are shaping modern Ireland, including the fall-out from the recession, the silent battle with mental illness, the slow death of the Catholic Church and a people in search of identity and hope. It explores the darkness that lies within the soul while managing to be both uplifting and unexpectedly funny. For updates visit WhereTheRainFalls

To see maps of Cailtemore and the Glencrowe Housing Estate visit Maps

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